purée fantastico: some tasty goodness

You ever have one of those months where you realize you’ve worked for 3 weeks straight– and you love it? That is where we are at these days, folks, but I am seriously enjoying the steady (and sometimes bordering on strenuous) pace. I do pride myself as a productivity-workhorse-magician hybrid, and there’s some reasons for that.

Before all the work in the world flooded happily down our path, I nailed down some tasty comps to combine what I had noodled around with mentally for weeks. I knew we’d need something that used all the colors ever, bold and clean typography, and some sort of framing mechanism that helped communicate our personality through all  the tasks we lovingly work on.  I think these are really close to perfect. Of course I want to let them sit for a few more days before considering it ABSOLUTE perfection (as if there could ever BE such a thing. Really, Jenny.) but for now I feel super confident releasing them into the world.

I imagine these will be little cards, or maybe posters put up around the city. Then I thought I should make something practical, so I threw together mock Concept Brief covers. They’re stuff I use almost every day, and it’ll be good to set up my files and client projects in this organized way. I’m so excited to see this take form, what do you think? Is it working for you?


How absolutely perfect is this for branding? Bam. 


Heheh. This explains my mindset for design PERFECTLY! 


Of course, copywriting had to go to Mark Twain, but this quote nails it so beautifully (as only Mr. Twain could, really)


Why, strategy, of course. I had another quote entirely, but changed it as soon as I read this. It’s magnificent. 


How freakin’ wonderful is this for facilitation& mentoring? Practically giddy over it, guys. 


Consulting! Wonderful wonderfulness.

And for the more practical application
(as well as the sole love of mixing typography!)

PF_ConceptBriefCoverForBranding PF_ConceptBriefCoverForDesignGeneral





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