The Landfill Harmonic


The other day Jake sent me the most incredible video, and I’ve been dying to catch my breath for five seconds so I could write about it and share it with you here.

The Landfill Harmonic is such a moving display of what we creatives find so much pleasure in: the necessity of inventing that which we do not readily possess, simply for expressive (and wholly wonderful) purposes.

The skill it takes, the ability to recognize something as once trash and to repurpose it into an object of art is so breathtaking to me. I don’t think I have to tell any of you that I was a soggy, moist-faced mess at the end of it, and have walked away feeling more inspired than I ever would staring at design blogs.

Seeing how something as simple as an instrument can change the lives of these children really puts things into perspective of the things we take for granted (and take away from) our own children.

I’m so freaking stoked that the world we’re helping to create is filled with more hope, creativity, communal spirit, and the overall wondermousness of a more loving universe. and I love that all of those deep, beautiful emotions, stemmed from a poor community in Paraguay aiming to help their children with creating musical instruments through trash. Design/Art may NOT be able to change every aspect of the world, but if we actually try — I imagine we might be able to solve some things

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