The Productivity Hangover

The last few weeks have been insane. Balls to the wall, holy crap how many hours did I sleep who cares it’s time to get work done insane. I’ve taken to rearranging my tasks to handle the awesomely (but slightly unexpected) growth spurt that’s hit the business as of late, and it’s results were even more unexpected. Turns out, I can rearrange everything I want in a nifty little list, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to have the energy to tackle it all. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell with how hard I’ve forced it lately.

Oh and forcing it? Doesn’t work as well as you might (or want it to).

After using my work outs as energy boosters, I’ve gone and overdone it. HARD. And all I meant to do was walk to the farmer’s market. Which yea, is two miles away and includes a tidal onslaught of tourists who do not care that you are walking to fresh, delicious vegetation; they only want to see Charlie Sheen’s star on the Walk O’ Fame (really overrated, you guys).

There can be no more two-workout days, and between yesterday and today I’m outrageously grateful to have enough energy for one work out.

Turns out that even with these little tips, tricks, notes and suggestions, you can only push things as hard as you can push them, and while I may not like it, it is a stark reminder that I am only as human as my body reminds me. And while I am as expansive as my imagination allows, it is the body that I need to be more mindful of. I love the feeling of tackling a monstrous to-do list, but I hate the feeling that I robbed my Wednesday because Tuesday proved to be unyielding. Somewhere in all of this is a meditation on balance.  I’ve got a sense for it, but I’m still very much working all the kinks out.

It’s outrageously important that I remember to take breaks and step away when I am really busy, because part of being productive is learning your limits and respecting your own boundaries. It’s the only way to make sure that you can be at your best.


(I thought it would be fun to schedule these two productivity posts near each other. You know, because one totally contradicts the other. YES you can be ridiculously productive, but you need to know your limits!! Sometimes.. I do not)

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