POPSUGAR Beauty Awards! Wait.. WHAT?!

It’s true, I haven’t been very fair to you. I’ve held on to all sorts of awesome work back here. I don’t mean to be unfair, I’ve just been so overwrought with writing, designing, making xmas gifts and baking my face off. I also am overloading my plate even more while I plan the redesign of our own site, but that’s neither here nor there. What you care about is awesome design work, and I should deliver.

Well fret no more, friends! I have here one of my most favorite projects I’ve worked on so far and that is certainly saying something.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work directly with the uber-popular POPSUGAR on their first ever beauty awards show! Ummm.. kind of a big deal, guys.

I established the look and then designed the screens, assets, and package elements that their internal team will use to flesh out a beautiful show. They sent these designs to the set designer. For the awards show.  You know, NBD (although I may have squealed a bit when I found out)

A bold, fresh, feminine look for them, a fun happy project time for me. Worked out gorgeously for all if I do say so myself (and we all know I do)

Various screens & Animation sequences






 B-Roll & Transition Package Elements




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