Sharing your gifts

While we may have day jobs that ask specific things of our creative selfs, how do we branch out and explore other ways of expression? I thought of some interesting ways to broach the subject of letting people know you’re better than what they’ve been expecting; but in a nicer way of course!

1) Bragging turns people off, but sharing invites them in. 

One of the best ways to get people to hire you for a specific task is to give a small portion of that task away for free. It gives the individual the bait they’ll need to make a decision. If you’re already showing said potential client that you’re able to handle their task, they’ll most likely be willing to pay you to do it for them long term. This will absolutely work if you’re trying to get someone to notice that you’re better than the lowly assistant job they’re paying you for. Showing them that you’re able to code, juggle, choreograph, or even finagle some amazing track lighting, will help build respect and that’ll keep them treating you to better and better things.

2) Sharing creates a greater sense of ‘global community’

This one goes hand in hand with collaboration. With my group of friends, we always show each other what projects we have, and we always throw questions that we need answered to the greater group– not just one individual. You never know who knows what in your trusted circle– so trust the circle! Allowing other people to come to your aid will give you a better sense of what skills everyone ELSE has to share, and then you can pitch in when something you can share comes along! This attitude of love and gratitude leads me straight to number 3..

3) Bartering, baby! Puts you in a great place when you need help.

Oh do I love the bartering system! What might seem cold and calculating to some is pure networking magic to me. If you haven’t even established a trusted circle of well  skilled individuals, then it’s high time you start! Reach out to people who inspire you, and notice what in particular is inspiring. Try and find a well rounded selection of ‘inspiring’, and keep tabs. Keep growing this list, and sooner than you realize, you will have invested a wealth of relationships to help you and to be helped. Extra tip: If you reach out with a compliment, I doubt you’ll get turned away. I mean, who turns down a compliment?

What tips and tricks have you picked up along the way that helps keep a collaborative spirit going beyond the holidays?

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