POPSUGAR Lettering for Fashion Bloggers!

Good news, everyone! I’ve got some delectable process to share with you today. Process for another POPSUGAR project! Process that involves happy lettering variations! Also, inking treatments! for FASHION BLOGGERS! Life is good.

First, some basic lettering layouts & styles:

popsugar_type8 popsugar_type7 popsugar_type1 popsugar_type2 popsugar_type3 popsugar_type4 popsugar_type5 popsugar_type6

Once I wrote out the lettering, it was time for Photoshop and noodling around with some inking treatments:





What project wouldn’t be complete without some more noodling?! An incomplete one, that’s for sure.

They chose a placement and a lettering style and wanted me to explore different ‘painted’ looks.
I really began to get into a groove with these. It’s fun to consider all of the different ‘variables’; lettering style, paint techniques– how much is too much? Where should the placement go?!? These are some fun questions to answer.

jne_reworked lettering 2

Some tweaks to the lettering they chose. A variation in basic overall thickness & in contrast
(how much the thick & thin lines vary in heaviness)

See?! Super fun variables!

jne_reworked lettering 3

jne_reworked lettering

And then the final inking treatments:



Love it, love working with POPSUGAR, and I love love love how relaxing lettering/calligraphy
work can be! Maybe that seems counterintuitive, but when you love fonts & letters as much as I do,
illustrating a y/l/e connection and the personification of astrological signs are  of equal happiness.

I’ll reiterate: Life is good.

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