Lasagna & Productivity


A few years ago when I was living in NYC, I was struck with a fairly interesting realization. The creatives around me were more interested in talking  about the work they were doing, rather than spending  time actually producing any work.

Flash forward 5 years, and everyone and their mother is updating every nanosecond of their life, and me? I’m more interested in building up my life from every nanosecond forward. It’s why I post blogs in advance when I have time, and why I’m writing posts like this on a Sunday when I know I won’t have time coming up. You do what you can, when you can– and this should be sufficient. Except when you see others flooding social networking sites, I (or maybe you?) feel pressured that instead of putting your whole entity to the grindstone, you should be half-heartedly working while alerting the world full-force to your awesomeness.

This came up during one of my consulting calls and with no hesitation, I repeated one of the most darling gems to ever come out of Lil Wayne’s mouth.

“Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”

It’s absolutely genius! If I’m confident in what I am doing, I won’t need to propagate my internet persona’s accounts– my work will speak for itself. Will I need to let people know that I’m working and what I’m specifically interested in? Yes of course! But do I have to do it every 5 seconds for people to get the message? NO! When you spend your time cultivating, nurturing, refining, or simply navigating through your passions and interests, people will pick up on that. They feed off of that. You know what turns people off? Bragging, arrogance and conversations that solely rely on future actions instead of present ones.

For the first 4 years of The Kubrick Project, I didn’t blog about it. I barely talked about it. I was afraid (unnecessarily) of people ‘stealing’ what I had been focused on for so long. It was not the smartest move, but I was insecure and far too fresh in the project to have any sort of confidence about ANY OF IT.

When I started to blog and talk through what I had been solving, connecting, and dealing with in an ‘all around insanity’ sort of way, people REALLY gravitated towards me. I’ve been to seminars involved with dissecting film, been connected with anthropologists who are fascinated with what I’ve been doing and the list actually goes on in weird random tangents I never saw possible– but that’s what ‘sharing on social media’ is about. It opens you to new people, new ideas, new ways to express and connect with what you love– with other people and what they love. But what’s not necessary is constantly feeling harangued about how it’s more important to alert people to your prescence before you even have something meaningful to say. Take your time and craft your work, G.  Move in silence like lasagna. You’ll be just fine.

*This type treatment is for a little side project I’m working on. I find hip hop to be really inspiring (most of it), so I’m collecting quotes. Have one you like? Send it over!

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