Brand Inspiration: Classy, Minimal, & Organic

pf_kcLadies & Gents, I present to you some very fabulous inspiration for our first (new) client of 2014. I love this girl. She addresses me as “dearest”, and I look forward to our epic emails we craft each other.

Three weeks in and we’re already to the point where she’s claiming “THIS IS PERFECT!”, but the verdict is still out on whether “PERFECT!” means “the ONE” (sometimes they can be different). Knowing we’re close to the end,  I realized I needed to hurry up and show a few of her inspiration snippets before move on to the next stage w/o ever sharing the groundwork (horrible, I know),

Behind the scenes on our end, we are SUPER close to finishing the lovingly tedious insanity– I mean, revamp & rebrand. I kept having the nagging sense that I needed to do a separate thing for, and so in true designer fashion, I am “over doing ” it (read: “considering” all options is NOT over doing it, non–designers!).  So until then; enjoy some client inspiration!

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