What an overworked Jenny looks like

While backing up various parts of my computer, I came across a text edit document that I typed up for the CEO of Flosites in 2011, talking through my work week*.  As I scrolled down, I instantly remembered writing these notes, but what was most present was how differently I treat work now, vs. working back then.

If you want to see all that I did while working with Flosites, check out this

* By workweek, I mean four days. The only thing I changed are the clients names.


Client A– discussed creation of 4 separate mood/brand boards- each focused on a different aspect of brand direction: “light, airy, vintage & refreshing”, using the color palette provided by the client- This will count as round 1.

Client B– During our meeting on 11/9, we discussed the context of the mood boards, how the different elements could be used, and then discussed the ideal layout (which she chose from one of victor’s set- just to be reworked with new style).

She’s going to discuss the moodboards + things we talked about with her husband, come back with a list of things she likes more than other things (showing which should be used more prominently in the designs, etc.), ideally giving us clear direction to flesh out the rest of the brand rather quickly. The ideal work flow will be: I create the art direction of the home page (like with Client I), and another designer continues to the rest of the pages, and I move on to collateral. this way all of the steps are handled in a really quick manner, hopefully turning around the client’s attitude.

Client C– super happy w/ direction- asked to see a thicker calligraphic lock up, I’m also going to show them a few script fonts options as well, and replace the original logo mock up on the textures with the new ones for contrast.

Client D–tweaks in calligraphy, small variations with some of the ‘tails’ (leading in and out of the overall word), I’m going to build her a mood board for texture, overall feel of the site (to ease her nerves about how it ‘all works together’), I also have to refine the linework in some of the flowers, and do a new color treatment- this will be in the moodboard

Client E– is really happy, and I am waiting for her feedback as she needed to “digest” the bee tweaks. Honestly that’s pretty much it? I think she needs a mood board before she transfers totally to the blog- and she asked that I work on the blog, so whoever handles it, I’d like to be art director. She just makes so much sense to me. It’s a lightly textured, but not texture-textured sort of feel- very casual, and I understand it- so before I send her off, I’d like to accompany her brand with a style board (which is why I basically thought to just do it for everyone? I think it’s going to make the transition that much smoother overall)

Client F— is also really happy. She sent over a small list of tweaks (I think one of them was “can you make the ‘m’ a little smaller” :)) and she wants to see some color in the pattern, but I’ll look at it a little later when I have a better handle on the lesser established clients.

Client G— It’s so dumb but I have yet to gather all of the tweaks I made for them throughout these weeks and send it over! but I figured they waited so long, and they’re not pushing- but I will be sending over everything tomorrow.

Client H— needs a pricelist design + a bio written. The pricelist inspiration is REALLY cool, and super typographic, so I honestly do not know of anyone who could handle it but myself. She’s okay with waiting a bit (I assume?) – but I’d like to get to this mid/end next week.

Client I– I just have to finesse the layout elements + the style of the page (b/c right now it’s still using my grid markers– those pink boxes) but then eugen can take the rest of the pages, using the same ideas- to me it feels like an interactive powder room, so I just ran with it.  but I think he should just show me first to catch any snags in the style, send to client + all will be good 🙂 I’ll definitely aim to finish this out by the end of the week/weekend for sure.

Client J is ready to be designed- the psd is uploaded to basecamp, and I included the copy he wants to have in the investment page as well. I wrote out some notes to the styling, and if there’s any questions just message me- but I think it’s pretty clear from the home page? so yeah . but that’s ready to do 🙂

Client K– oy vey. I have made the loosest of starts, .but I’ve at least started. I’ve got the inspiration laid out, I just have to get in there and draw some letters. but just wanted to let you know… tomorrow, I’m not going to get on skype- I’m going to work my tushy off. Client K is first on my list, then Client D, then Client I. then if time + brain power permit, I will start Client L (because it’s scripts- and maybe not necessarily calligraphy, and also possibly serifs. So I can just lay out some fonts and then if she is more drawn to scripts, then do some calligraphy.)

Friday, ideally- because in the perfect world I will have succeeded in thurs’ to do list– haha! but seriously;

friday would be posting that damn blog post once and FOR ALL

maybe this is the day where we talk about the rebrand idea- and then the weekend/monday I take some time to do some thinking/inspiration hunting, and tuesday we talk about ideas, and we go from there? obviously this covers more than just friday- but think about it. I’d like to get on this sooner rather than later, and if I’m really doing a rebrand/restructuring, we’re going to seriously have to talk about moving to moldova. Jake and I have been talking about it all day, and we’re both REALLY excited about the possibility and we’re really seriously considering it – so let’s try to talk specifics, dates/plans/realistics and then slowly work to make it a reality:)

friday, I’d like to relax. I’ll be honest. I’m beat up from the street up. so I want to clear things up, get what I need, and then crash/recharge, and hit the ground running on monday like usual.. what say you to this? 🙂

Just reading all of this makes me tired! Where did I pull this work horse of strength from?!

When I was working for Flosites, I developed the practice in not letting the many clients I was working with see any sort of wear and tear from my workload. I wanted each client to feel like I was completely and wholly there for them– there just were usually 8-12 of them at one time. I still work this way, but the number of clients I work for really DO get all of my attention, as it’s not spread ridiculously thin. But back then?  I was realizing that no matter how hard I worked for clients, and even how hard I tried to teach the rest of the team and help them with their own clients,  it wouldn’t ever be ‘enough’.  I had eleven clients on my crowded plate, and they were shoving 12, 13, and 14 right down the pike.

Now that I’m my own boss, I’ve created a much more reasonable schedule for myself. It allows me and my clients to enjoy the design experience, rather than just getting rushed through it. And I actually get to enjoy some weekends! It’s amazing what boundaries will do.

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