Client Inspiration: Color Drama!

There is only one phrase for me when I think of this client’s brand: color. drama. When she said it (about a pin of inspiration), I was instantly in love. I know I geek out over words, but I’m telling you, I want this phrase to be someone’s business. Someone fabulous. But I totally digress.

While some projects can take a little bit to come together, this client came together in a matter of 6 days. I’m not even boasting, I was kind of amazed by it. I’ve finished the brand, the site, and an info pamphlet designed in Word before I had a chance to show you all the inspiration.  Things be all whirlwinding and awesome/craziness over here– but again, digression.

This woman has such a clear (and fabulous!) vision for her business, I can’t wait to see where she takes it now that she’s headed to Los Angeles by way of frozen-tundra Brooklyn.  For now though, enjoy the bold and fabulous color drama inspiration:


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