Whew! The Month of the Photo Shoot

Holy banana, is it May already? Sheesh, you guys. Things are moving, and they are moving FAST. Last month, Jake and I had more than our fair share of the photo shoot love with three (!!!!) photo shoots in April. Maybe it makes up for my lag in blogging? I’d like to think so, that’s for sure.

Shoot I: Art Direction for Amazing Tape. We drove down to Hermosa Beach in the early am to art direct the shoot for a client’s packaging.  They ask that I not show off the wondermousness that is their new packaging yet, but for now suffice it to say that I really enjoyed the different challenges that project presented. In the photo shoot specifically, it was interesting to photograph a clear material that ya know, needed to show up on the photos. And it was also interesting to figure out how to photograph a sequence of the product working without it feeling too much like anyone could have manipulated it within photoshop. Yes we live in a cynical time, but I like to think I consider all options.

The potential for a buyer to look at it and say “Yeah right, they just photoshopped it” was there, and we addressed it. The sequence we worked on really nails how to handle this product and it’s personally one of my favorite achievements. I like to savor the small moments instead of sweating them.




This was the table, pre craziness. As the 6 hour shoot progressed, it was hit full on by a serious crazy train. I’d show those images, but they had too much “oh my god I have to be 9 different places at once” blurriness to them.



The client, happily dealing with other things amongst the cronuts and the cookies.




Not a bad day’s work when your office looks like this.


Shoot II:  Happy Studio Shoot/Lifestyle & Engagement for us!

When we launched our fabulous new site, we knew we wanted to have a photographer come in and provide some equally fantastic images of our studio to put on it. And I figured, while we were at it, why not throw in some engagement shots? I mean, why not right? That’s what this photographer thought as well. It was really fun being on the other side of that lens, and I love how much that shows. Here are some of my favorites: (because Jake loves all of them)


0  1  2
Hey look guys, my Ludacris Pandora has some beats in it. Pretty sure that’s whats happening here

4  5     6  7.5  8.5  8  9  10 


Shoot III: Here come the animals!

One of my best friends (a designer/photographer here in LA) was telling me about this idea she had once she saw two things: 1) my dog’s recent haircut and 2) my vanity in our bedroom. Our dog has this awesome coat, and Jake decided she should get a lion’s cut for a while. The attention she received has ruined her for life (this is a fact), but I always thought it looked like a vintage mink stole. This was my friend’s thought. Since the vanity is mine, I also have lots of fun girly things to add to it. I love the vintage style, and we didn’t hold back.




Here they are. Edie, Magdalena & Owen, respectively. I really love that I have these images to frame and smile at whenever I look at them. If you’re in the LA area and want some adorable personality filled photos of your own fluffy loves, check out Paws & Print. SO adorable.


Surprise Bonus Shoot! Shoot III: We got married! In a decision that can only be called gut-based, the morning of our studio/engagement shoot, we declared in secret we’d go to the courthouse that following Monday to fill out the paperwork. Not sexy, no, but going to the courthouse WAS romantic. We made an appointment for the next Monday (Monday for wealth, people. Look it up), and had the same photographer from the adorable animal’s shoot to join us. I’m so glad we did, because these photos are probably my favorite ones ever taken so far in my life–– but that was to be expected. So many of these shots remind me of the color quality in Rockwell’s illustrations, and I could not be more elated. Now to only find an illustrator who could handle this level of quality for TKP, but I totally digress…WE GOT MARRIED!








The wrap to my flowers is actually a napkin that was embroidered by my grandmother. She’d not only approve of Jake, she’d tell him if I didn’t treat him like he deserved that he could come to her door. She was a strong & saucy woman,  now you all know where I get it from.




WHEW! I’m exhausted and I only just set up the photos. I can happily say we are living a bit more low-key these days as we prep for the next big wave of work that we have coming. A little sneak peek: I’m currently prepping a happy handful of amazing quotes for SERIOUSLY AWESOME projects to send off this week. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t WAIT! Happy Sunday everyone!

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