The Kubrick Project: Comparing AML, TUES, & THURS Chapters

I’ve been working towards the ability to take apart the structure of the film as intently as I’ve been hitting the visual and conceptual aspects; I just haven’t been successful –– YET. One of the most wonderful things about never giving up is realizing that a new road you’ve taken has actually helped you progress just a teensy bit more. This particular chart is that for me. Here I’ve laid out three chapters so that the overall structure is readily apparent. There is clearly a repetition that is fleshed out for the beginning chapter but carefully reduced across the other two chapters. The last section is two shots, but is simply the visual counterpart to this reductive process. The viewer has received all of the information they need, and THURS is Kubrick’s “concluding chapter” to the AML & TUES’s build up. The final wrap up paragraph in the 5 paragraph essay structure, if you will.

Ahh complexity, I love you so.

Ideally, I’ll be dissecting the remaining chapters as they relate to each other and their role in the movie as a whole, but for now I am unbelievably content to see that it is possible to do it at all. A huge personal mental victory executed the form of a confusing chart! That’s what I am here for, people.


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