Quick Project: American Greetings, Typography, & Happy Dogs!

This project came by a few months ago, and it was so much fun. I love when people come to me needing some typographic noodling, especially when you mix typography and happy dogs. It’s just like heaven.  It may have had a tight turn around to start with (1 week), but I finished it within 3 days of getting the brief. And you know we sent off tons of variations.  Typographic noodling, people. It’s a joy, so it hardly takes me any time at all. And a little happy extra: The CD pulled samples of my typography in other projects as inspiration. THAT is going to be an easy project, folks.

I’m going to be using this project as part of a case study in an upcoming ebook (yes! stay tuned!), but for now, just enjoy the fun video and the typographic treatments used in this greeting.

Because this was such a simple job, when I laid out the typographic styles I did so for each of the ‘cards’ I’d be typesetting. It made for a super easy decision–– which is always the way to go. Make it easy for people, people.





AG_TypeProj_Style8 AG_TypeProj_Style10 CroppedReply3




Once she picked the style, it was a flurry of variation w/ the exploration of linear elements. No limits for Jenny? ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES WILL BE SHOWN! She was flooded, but you’ll be spared:

BirthdayDreams_Style2 BirthdayDreams_Style3 DreamBig_Style1 DreamBig_Style4 DreamBig_Style6 DreamBig_Style7One of the great things about return clients is that you know how they work, what they expect, and how good (or not) they are at communicating. I love the CD of American Greetings; she really appreciates my quirkiness and it’s always an absolute pleasure creating from her instructions.


Here are the final screens, and the video so you can enjoy the adorableness of the dogs and the fabulousness of the typography; (it’s quite possibly one of my favorite combinations ever, so there’s that)






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