What 6Hrs of Kubricking looks like

People, I’ve got so many wonderful things to share with you that it’s actually overwhelming. The best kind, I assure you, but still.

So what’s a jne to do?

Obviously share some of yesterdays awesomefest with you! Yes!

I’ve been asked if I’m documenting my process for all of the Kubying I’m doing, and the answer is yes– but privately. If people don’t get the charts, why am I going to continue to shove it in their faces?? Well because this is what I love and I take to charting better and happier than I ever did keeping a sketchbook. For realsies.

So here’s what yesterday looked like in terms of results (because to see or hear it while it’s happening would illuminate you to the manic insanity it takes to get to this level of defined). The more I jaunt down this rabbit hole, the more clear-cut things are becoming. The first chart is normal (normal? really? well okay, like the OTHERS) in that it’s visual analysis with the matching, but I started something yesterday which I’m calling “conversation” charts. When you think abstractly, words and pictures are the same in terms of ‘semiotic content’; they (words + pictures) are used to communicate, and should be treated the same way. Usually they aren’t, but here they are! Huzzah!

Obviously I am still refining this, but seeing how Kubrick handles movie ‘time’, and how he visually denotes movie plot ‘time’ are no longer so clearly distinct. It’s hard to keep track of in the film/while watching the film, but analyzing the structure of his films makes it disturbingly clear how his films work.

While we’re at it, analyzing the structure of his films also makes it clear how my mind works. An unexpected, but cool side effect.

All I can tell you is that I cannot wait to get to WEDNESDAY.

An hour of movie? Endless charting possibilities!





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