Marketing Experiment: Business Card Variety Fun Time

When we rebranded ourselves as Purée Fantastico, we were also calling out the variety of services we’d been providing our clients over the years– albeit unbeknownst to us at the time. The awesome thing about this is that 1) I’m actually better than I give myself credit for, and 2) the reasons why the clients were so happy were a direct reflection of all of the fantastic muchness I bring to any situation.

Need to figure out a system for naming portions on your website? No problem! Give me 30 minutes, I’ll come back with a ton of suggestions. How about talking you through taking a huge leap with your business? That stuff will come so naturally to me, you’d have thought we were best friends since first grade. It’s all intrinsically me. These services are a beautiful amalgamation of 31 years of living, and now that I’ve taught Jake how to work in this way, it’s becoming second nature for him as well.

All of this reality culminated to Purée Fantastico, but it was really important to me that our marketing and outward face presented a sort of spectacular muchness; the muchness is a result of greatness. And truth be told, I am such a sucker for the spectrum as a color palette. Few things make me as happy as finding a reason to incorporate all of the colors, and for my own business? Come on. You know it’s happening.

The trick was to find and establish the reasoning, and not ham-fist it in there. Finding the form to follow the function. In this case, the function IS the muchness: How to communicate that you are in fact quite excellent in these six things.

I am not saying I am perfect and excellent in EVERYTHING– there is a reason why “illustration” has no card. It might one day, but right now it is an ancillary bonus to the design portion. It is an option as a service I offer, but I am not yet sold on its ability to stand on its own. In my mind, if I can replicate a style easily maintaining consistency, I’ve got merit in this talent. If I can do a few varying styles with ease and the same consistency throughout, I can definitely offer this to people.


Creative Direction had to be Magenta or “Shocking Pink”, which pairs ridiculously nicely with the Gen. George S Patton quote. That quote is also the best representation of my stance on groupthink. I’m all for collaboration, but collaborate for betterment, not to just agree with everyone else in the room. How does that change ANYTHING?


Ah. This one. This card makes me laugh and we use it strategically: handing them out to clients who are not representing themselves properly. You understand the desired effect they’re trying for, but the look is not jiving on that wavelength whatsoever. The orange for safety, playful, attention grabbing.


Copywriting. Mark Twain. There is nothing else needed, really. It’s perfect. The yellow for creativity, intellectual energy, and duh! The lightning bug!


Had to be army green AND dealing with weirdness! I mean, just had to be. For strategy services, it can only be Hunter S. Thompson and olive green. Exactly.


This blue is a little too light, but I didn’t know it until I saw it from this print shop. We had posters printed up at a different (better!) print shop and the blue was much more vibrant. It’s the only one of these I’ll tweak, but I love that cloud blue for facilitation, and that quote is so beautiful. Togetherness, possibilities, solid clear blue sky.


And the purple! Well, I knew I had to do a deep rich purple. It’s a color I’m deeply connected to. It’s even the color of our desk set up. This is the only one that’s a personal choice, but there’s still a reason. This is the color I often saw when I first started yoga. It flooded my mind space so fully I would often see it when I opened my eyes as well. I figured it was a good sign and I brought it into my life. I think it’s safe to say that 4 years later, I’m bigger (mentally and emotionally), bolder, and healthier (physically, mentally, emotionally). Whether or not that purple had anything to do with this is not the point. It’s a color I associate with growth, strength, and awesomeness. These same tenants form the lens of how I mentor and consult people. The two are a beautiful match.

I also wanted to find a way to frame our position and approach to each service. The resonating quotes are used to do exactly that. In a first draft, I had the corresponding service highlighted on the card with that quote, but for sanity purposes I left all the services the same weight.

There is a brevity and a happiness to them that I did not anticipate– but I genuinely love. I love watching people’s faces lights up, they smile instantly, and usually say “Oh THIS is so great!” All of this is something I love.


I ordered one of each, and then reorganized them based on color. Creative Direction, Design, Copywriting, Strategy, Facilitation, Mentoring & Consulting.

I fan them out (or have Jake fan them out…), and it looks like magical fun time, but then I realize that these are marketing materials for a business that IS magical fun time.

CardFanWhen you’re working on representing your own business, it is 100% okay (and preferred, if you ask me) to create marketing materials that speak more to who you are, and why you came to into this business as opposed to focusing on looking “professional”.

In my mind, you’re running a business– you’re already a professional. If you can get clients, you’re acting professionally.

What keeps those clients working with you– and more clients coming to you– are marketing aspects that you should employ. Whether you’re funny, happy, warm, or aloof and cool– you will be able to find a way to market yourself authentically, and this will be the best and most effective marketing collateral out there.

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