Segmented Sleep & Creativity


This here is an interesting article I read about our ancestors sleep patterns, and how it applies to the creative process. The essay talks about a period of “night-wake”ness that allows the brain to slip more naturally between dream and awake states; allowing creativity to take place more easily.

Let me just tell you that I agree mega-muchly with this statement.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been waking up between 4-6 am, working out, and getting to my analytical or writing work before anyone else in Hollywood has registered that there’s even a day to be had yet. I’m not someone who needs a nap, but I’m pretty sure all it’s going to take is one huge swell of client work and I’ll be able to go down for a few hours in “second sleep”.

For now, I boost my energy with a lot of activity. Jake and I walk our dog a minimum of 40 minutes each time, and she goes out 3x a day. We also do “Hollywood Nature Walks”, where we pick a path we have yet to venture and enjoy it. Those usually last 90 minutes. Activity keeps me energized, and usually all I’ll need is water–jumping right back to work. What I’ve noticed is there’s an order of operations that takes place with this new working schedule.


Analytical & Writing,

Kubrick/Blog posts, planning out emails

Late AM:

Art Direction, planning direction/look and feel

Detailed Typography

Early PM:

Illustration, Handlettering/Calligraphy
Loose Typography/large amounts of type

Late PM:

Continuing any notes from Art Direction time. The details will be messed up if I’m doing anything requiring thinking, but I can still follow directions- be they mine, a client’s, or Jake’s.

Maybe bringing in a nap in between where my Art Director self and my Designer self start to veer off course. Right now I’m pleased as I can be finding out I can utilize all of the various arms of myself in one day, but you never know. I might need to figure out how to beef up one aspect over another, and I’m the kind of person that likes to be prepared.

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