2015, We’re comin for ya baby!

Whew this year. It’s been awesome, it’s been fabulous, it’s been… challenging. We always like to do a wrap up of the old to welcome in the fresh new year, but this year we needed to do something different. We got married, changed our business, and had some of the toughest clients this side of Attila the Hun (you know it’s serious when you drop a Hun reference), but all in all, 2014 had to happen so that 2015 could be even better.



1) Number 1 has to be we got married. Yes it’s amazing to say “My project manager Husband”, but it’s mostly about how this person is my partner through and through. Legally, emotionally, business-y: We in it to win it, yo.


2) Losing Jennyambrose.com and gaining Purée Fantastico
A HUGE thing in 2014: switching up the name, website, emails, and the everythingness of new branding. Would have liked to have an easier transition (and to keep my old email) but we don’t always get to make those calls. This was one of those times.


3) Finding the mixture of design and analysis ala Kuby
That branding matrix took months to create but it was 8 long years in the making. It was also the first time a natural nexus point was found in between my two loves: design and analysis.

Email Correspondence 19

4) Standing our ground: Tough Small Business battles leading to big rewards.
More about these issues will be written about in detail, but the cuts are still fresh and we’ve taken the holiday to heal. Trust that it’s always worth it. Trust that you go through obstacles to gain better understanding, and it’ll always be easier the next time around.

Best Businesses!

5) We won Best Graphic Design Business in Los Angeles! Pretty effin big deal! Now if only to get them to fix that mess of letters and exchange it with what it SHOULD say. Then we can get that award and show off the press release.



1) We directed and took part in some awesome photo shoots!
I had no idea how much work really went into staging, lighting, and making sure all of the angles are achieved for product placement– let alone photos for our business.


2) We got married and morphed into Purée Fantastico
Never had more fun waiting in numerous lines in numerous courthouses across LA than I did with my wife making Purée Fantastico a thing.


3) Realizing we no longer had to be tied to Los Angeles to be a success. The travel lust has hit us hard! Although taking your cat for a *walk* is so Los Angeles I almost can’t stand it. It hurts sometimes. But she (the cat) loves it.


4) We cook almost everything from scratch and upped its deliciousness factor. Look out for more cooking posts in 2015, that’s for sure. I can now make ravioli, from scratch, like a boss. A Ravioli Boss. We got a pasta maker for Christmas (Thanks Granginia!), the raviolis are going to be flowin’. Jenny wants me to throw in: “You can’t have delicious food without huge glorious basil leaves!”


5) I like that I moved into the business full time. I’m way more comfortable with clients, and it was nice to find a natural outlet for my own creative ideas. It’s nice to fully find my part.

Here are some more of our favorite moments of 2014. We can’t wait to see what awesomeness 2015 will unleash!

2014_3 2014_4 2014_52014_12 2014_14 2014_152014_YearInReview_1

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