I Am A Woman With No Shortage Of Ideas

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 4.33.00 PMBLOGIDEAS

This overloaded stickiesfest is my catch-all solution for ideas I come across– be they TED talks, articles, pinterest searches, or straight up what have you, that I feel compelled to write about. Couple this with my physical collection of ideas, collected notes, marketing samples from other businesses and I am at the very least overloaded (and therefore overwhelmed) with how many things elicit my opinion. Font combinations, typographic treatments on television shows, business advice, listicles that do nothing but infuriate me–It’s gotten so out of hand that Jake and I now write outlines while waiting for dinner, and I have oodles of outlines just waiting to be fleshed out. Oodles, people. Oodles.

Of course I’m not really complaining but this talent and ability becomes slightly burdensome when you don’t work it out regularly. Which I haven’t been. See, that’s yet another blog post I’m working on. And the whole cycle starts all over again!

I’m working on getting some of these things more regulated, but for now, please know that I’ve begun chugging along digesting and processing the plethora of subjects that I *must* opinionate about. And thank you so much for being patient.

Once things get more settled, I’ll be posting about all things interesting (and not so interesting, depending on what interests you) and then this stickiesfest will only be replaced with new and fanciful topics.

I love when the cycle starts again, don’t you?

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