The Kubrick Project: WEDNESDAY, Pt. 2!

You guys, I can’t believe how long I’ve been chugging along on this one chapter. I’m the teensiest smidge past the full halfway mark of the movie, and about half way through this chapter.

One thing is abundantly clear: ALL THE DENSITY BELONGETH TO WEDNESDAY.

I decided to break up the work into a couple of chunks. Here’s Pt. 2, which continues on from the original WED Chart I posted and includes some reworkings. I’ll be posting Pt. 3 next week and I have a feeling I’ll be posting Pt.s 4 & 5 before I get to officially move on to the next chapter.

Still, I’m supremely happy this process allows me to make sense of everything going on in here. I mean. You’re looking at it. You can see how fakakta this is getting.

What makes me really REALLY happy, however, is knowing that the next steps are presenting themselves to me. UX planning, excel spreadsheets; the future.

Hooray for these charts and all the sanity it’s created in my life. Enjoy!








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