The Kubrick Project: WEDNESDAY Pt 3

As promised (like it matters to anyone else but myself that I promised to post this), here’s another installment of JNE’s Shining Charts Extravaganza (now with extra flair and drama!).

I’m working on the last portion, and I got so excited when I realized that I was 10 minutes away from finishing this mishigas chapter, and 47/48 minutes left of the entire movie!!

This. is. EXCITING!!!

June 2013 I posted the first chart, and now 3 months into 2015, it looks like I’ll be wrapping up this portion, quickly heading to Databasetown, UXville, Designburg, and all of the other little stops along the way to make this website happening. Like.. actually happen.

That is ALSO REALLY EXCITING. Heart pounding, fist bumping, turn on 90s dance music and prance around until you die kind of excitement.

Sigh.You really can take the girl outta New Jersey but you’ll never take the Jersey outta the girl.

Enough about the (hopefully not to distant) future, here’s right now: WEDNESDAY Part 3.









{Want to see the other chapters? Of course you do– Here they are: The Interview, Closing Day, A Month Later, Tuesday & Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Part 1&2 for WED

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