Looky look: Wine Labels!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated with some new work. Luckily for me (and of course, you!) I’m here sharing some designs (and names) I worked up for some wine labels. We had to suggest names and the visuals for the labels and the packaging and man was it fun. In a day and a half, we’d come up with over 100 names– none of which existed in reality- a great sign.

Pairing them up with visuals was the easy part– picking which ones TO design? Now THAT was my challenge. I loved it, and can only hope I get the opportunity to design more wine-related things in the near future.

Photo Apr 01, 11 01 53 AM PF_Creativino_Wine1_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine1PF_Creativino_Wine2_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine2PF_Creativino_Wine3_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine3PF_Creativino_Wine4_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine4PF_Creativino_Wine5_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine5PF_Creativino_Wine6_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine6PF_Creativino_Wine7_CloseupPF_Creativino_Wine7PF_Creativino_WIne8_Closeup PF_Creativino_Wine8

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