Cultural Immaturity


In what is simultaneously one of the most horrifying and amusing things ever, India sells ice cream named after Hitler. While I really REALLY wish the drawing of Hitler tilting his swastika hat was from a Venture Brother’s character (Cousin Hitler, the ice cream vendor brother of Girl Hitler perhaps?), it’s a real thing.

The source article chalks it all up to India being completely unattached to the realities of Hitler (and his well-known and fantastic ability to digest lactose), says that like kids or adolescents, they don’t really “know any better”.

If that’s true (and I really am not doubting that it is. I mean how else could you have an ice cream brand named after Adolf fucking Hitler?), can we call it what it is? I’m going to go with “Cultural Immaturity”. Every culture’s got some of it, nobody’s immune. Here in the states, we may use Hitler & Nazism as a catch all for something inconvenient (Obamacare, gun control, EPA legislation), but we also claim that using the slur “Redskin” praises the Native American people as opposed to degrading them even further than we’ve already done. We automatically assume, based on our choice of language and tone, being Muslim is dangerous, a terrorist, or frankly, wrong or bad. We appropriate all cultures’ rituals and visual designs for all of our spoiled children to adorn. We may not necessarily have Pol Pot’s Pot Pies or Mao Ze Ding Dongs, however it seems to be only a matter of time before we get them.

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