The Kubrick Project: 8am (and ALMOST DONE!)

The second to last chapter’s chart is done, you guys– and it is HUGE. In one long strip it’s 165 inches– 13.75 feet– you know, NBD. Kinda makes the idea of a process book an interesting problem to solve (like I need more problems to solve within this one project, right? toootally.)

I thought I’d post it now that I’m midway through the 4PM Chart (THE LAST CHART!) Of course this doesn’t mean this one stage is over; oh no no. It just means the first pass is complete. I’ve still got to go through all of the charts to double check (and definitely correct) consistency, but then I’m off to Excel town. It’ll be intense and super nerdy, but this whole project has been intense and super nerdy for over 8 years. Ain’t nothin new about any of that.

Enjoy these 15 chunks of awesome. And also, enjoy knowing that this particular post makes No. 237!

See what I said about being super nerdy? Already there, folks. Been here forever and I’ve got no plans to vacate anytime soon.



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