The Kubrick Project: THE FINAL CHART! 4PM: Part 1

Sometimes things take such a long amount of time that you forget an ‘end date’ is even possible. I know I’ll feel that way– to an insane degree– when the site launches, but I also feel that way now that the visual aspects of the charting are complete. It took 2 and a half years just focusing on this one aspect: compiling the visuals and the structure.

Since completing this chart in July (more on that.. later), I’ve moved on to compiling the sounds & silences, and the contexts between the two. It’s going a LOT faster, but I’m still.. at The Interview (aka Chapter Numero Uno for those not disturbingly intimate with this fakakta film).

Not as glamorous as saying “I’m DONE!!!”, but in order for me to GET TO “I’M REALLY FREAKIN DONE HERE PEOPLE!!”, it’s necessary.

But enough about all that’s left, here’s what’s freakin DONE. I had to (HAD. TO.) break it up into parts– the entire chart is 16 .jpg snippets. I can’t be THAT mean and unload all 16 at once, right? I mean..

yeah. you know. we’re good.






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