Surprising Color Palette Love: Blue and Red

It’s probably clear that I love color– like LOVE it. I have no favorite color, branded myself using the entire spectrum of ALL colors, and have the brightest wardrobe—but I love all the colors individually. When you start bringing in color palettes– I get picky. I never ever thought red and blue belonged together (except for the uber-American love fest, 4th of July) but that all changed when I was bored the other day and perusing some prints.

Oh I forgot to mention I’m now obsessed with decorating. (We moved into a space that’s double what we had in Los Angeles, more on this later, when I feel like writing about it)

In all of the pages of art, I saw this beautiful vintage ad, and then pages later, this Van Gogh. Individually, they’re beautiful– together? They’re BEAUTIFUL. And then I realized I was really into the blue and red. Super weird moment.



So here we are, lovely blog reader. I thought I’d compile some inspiration from this intense mix of moody and bright.


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