How Do You Blog About A Spreadsheet?


No, seriously. How do you blog about a spreadsheet?

The charting part of this process took me a full 2.5 years to complete. The beginning stages (the first 5 months) were slow to build, as learning curves always are, but by June 2012 I was on fire.

The charts made (make?) no sense to people really, but they are visual so it’s easy to at least look at, easy to see that there’s a lot going on, that I’m at least doing something with them, and that’s enough for most. It was also enough for me to post my process as public accountability; no matter how slow I’m going, I thought– I’m going, and people see that I’m going, and hooray for that.

However, the charts were merely a step 1 of “Information Dissection Of The Most Intense Kind”

And here we are, step 2, and the next stage of the project: The Excel Spreadsheet Stage.

I feel like I whine about this stage every time I work on it. It makes my brain hurt, managing 30 minutes is an Olympic feat of tenacity and endurance. Managing an hour is me propelling 60 minutes further into my “Desire To Be A Superhuman” life goal that I’m ridiculously certain I am achieving with Spreadsheet town. Or at the very least, WILL achieve when I can share a “GUESS WHAT HAS FINALLY LAUNCHED, HUMANITY?????” hit “send”, and slip into a nice relaxing lull of celebratory cocktails and big luxurious dinners.

These are the things that propel me forward.

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