2016: Greatness Awaits!

2015,You were supremely awesome, now on to the spectacular greatness that is 2016.

This past year has been incredible for at LEAST a hundred reasons. Here are some:

1) I worked with companies I never would have dreamed of. Starting with Iris Technology— incredible. It also couples the amazing partnership of Scout Creative (Hi Dawn and Randall!!).

I also did another project for American Greetings, designed a Squarespace site for the hilariously wonderful Goodbye Pictures, branded a nonprofit children’s charity, also interior decorators, jewelry designers, a law firm, and helped a fitness guru find her voice.

I designed newsletters, ads for hula dancers, wrote some bomb ass articles, became a creative director of an Airplane wreckage/salvage company (THAT was interesting): I handled the strategic development of content, designed ALL.THE.COLLATERAL, and turned my graphic design job into a design empire within 4 weeks, like I do.

Seriously within one month I had designed all their needs and they had no work left for me to do. It’s why I’m not a creative director there–or anywhere but for myself. 2015 was the year I finally accepted I live, breathe, and exist solely in Beast Mode.

My office, my view:

2) 2015 was also the year I broke into working for film and tv., Which seems weird seeing as I started working in tv at 12. What’s up MCI and Great Adventure commercials?  It seems obvious now but if you spend 2.5 years on a process of a larger project, you’re going to get noticed. This year I got noticed big time; joining a team of people involved in an amazing sci-fi/fantasy web series inspired by H.P Lovecraft. Jenny Ambrose is now production designer and art director for this series.  Thanks Kubrick charts!

I also made a commercial this year! Using the same visual set up of said Kuby charts (minus all the crazy notations), I curated footage to build a visual narrative flow for a team of people who’ve built a new social media platform. They needed creative direction, I super delivered, like I always do, and I’m awaiting on the final cut to post here– but know that I am super ecstatic to do so. It was so much fun and I look forward to more of this in the future.

3)It was ALSO the year of consulting! I began offering encouragement/confidence coaching and am now one of my friends’ go-to encourager. We’re working on her new blogging venture, I’m guiding her with creative decisions (because she’s an incredible designer in her own right! HI SARAH!!), helping her with a name, and keeping a tally sheet of everytime she needlessly apologies. Hey, it’s what I’m here for, people.

4)I. FINISHED. CHARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And moved on to The DataBEAST!

This is a big effin deal. Moving on to Excel Spreadsheet Phase: The Databeast of The Kubrick Project has proven to be an interesting challenge. Not even 2 months in and I’m already through the first two chapters and half way through the third. Who knew that when you spend so much time “getting it right”, the next steps come easier? .. probably everyone. 

image1.jpegIt is my solemn goal to make The Kubrick Project a thoroughly mapped out, designed, and developed reality this time next year. Oh what a freaking joy it will be to say “2016: THE YEAR THE KUBRICK PROJECT EXISTED FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE”

5)My workout game was on point for the whole year. One challenge after another, about 6 workout programs annihilated. I’m now working out 2x a day, up to 10lb weights, with very little days of loungitude happening around here.


6) Productivity REIGNS SUPREME!

You see this mega white board? Yeah you do. YEAH YOU DO.


7) We picked up a new dog, who’s really an old dog that was living with my mom and not getting the attention he needs. Meet Foster!

8) Craftmas, 2015. That is all. Matter of fact, so much of 2015 was spent arting happily.

Artist books, stencils, snowflakes, that time I made all of my pinecones actually useful ornaments, 2015 I reconnected with my artist self.

9)Connected with old friends, made some new ones!

(I’d have more pictures of this, but I am all for enjoying the time instead of documenting the time.. woopsies! Goal for 2016!)

10)Had another wonderful year with the most wonderful man–our 6th! It involved us really solidifying ourselves as a “family”. No babies (Um. Kuby project IS the baby– and we have four epically needy fur babies). Simply creating sweet traditions that make wherever we live our home.

Here’s to another magical year ahead!

*Why is there a white cat in almost every image you may ask? Because Owen follows me everywhere. He’s my sidekick.

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