The BIG 1-0

You guys.

I realized something epic this week:

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been designing. With a degree. From a top art school.




It’s actually been 17 years since I’ve begun working as a designer, but somehow considering myself a ‘designer’ PRE-Ringling Degree doesn’t feel as official.

Nevermind that when I was graduating I remember being in the bathroom and looking at myself with the cap and gown on and thinking “I look like someone in a college graduation costume” and not “I look like someone graduating COLLEGE”. The whole thing was too surreal to fully grasp.

The same is true for realizing you’ve been doing something for 10 freakin years.

It doesn’t really feel that long. It feels like it’s only been 2 years or so. Like how it’s been 15 years since George Clooney made the Ocean’s movies and he still looks .. the same.

Maybe it’s because I’m still “figuring out” who I am inside of the big wide world of design. Maybe it’s because Kubrick hasn’t been launched and there will be some “finality” of that moment (but probably not because we all know me, and me has bigger plans than the launch of one movie).

What I know is that it’s strangely superbly wonderful to tell people “I’ve been doing this for 10 years” and not even be kidding; in fact it’s selling myself 7 years short.  However, when you still get carded for drinks, you realize people might think you’re exaggerating.

But it’s true! I’m Jenny, and I’ve been in love with design for longer in my life than I’ve been without it. And then I got a degree about it, 10 years ago.

Feels pretty amazing to see a decade full of effort and fonts and color obsession and turn it into a career- a business! A crazy font and gradient-obsessed life!

I’m into it, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the decades to come.

*The piece I used as the image is something I made in 2004. I got started in design by collaging in Photoshop, and well, this was one of thems. 



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