C’mon Sally’s. Get a better brand voice.


I *should* be working out right now.

I don’t have time to be opinionated this morning. I’ve got 45 minutes of workouts, Kubricking, client work, and carpet cleaners that are coming– and they never give you a time. They just.. show up. And when they’re finished, the carpet is soppy and I can’t get work done. So you know. It’s a big hitch in my giddyup.

Except that as I’m setting out my 3 workout videos for the day, I get an email.

I love email!

It’s from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

OOooooh I am INTO THIS.

And then I read it.

An email blast for fun vibrant nail polish! OOh!

And then.. this wonderful bit of copywriting:

“(Psst! 7-Free means it’s made without 7 super-science’y words– and that’s a good thing!)




Here’s my frustration with copywriting for beauty, or I guess, females?

We’re not supposed to like nail polish AND science? Or… “big words”..?

I can’t even

.. super-science–NO.

And in one stupid example I am smacked in the face with just why I don’t want to be known as a ‘a woman’s designer’. Because working with women *somehow* excludes you from working with intelligence.

Women are more emotional!

Who cares about SCIENCE?

Who cares, like, what chemicals are in my nail polish?

Is that, like, you know, good? Because, like.. I don’t want to know about any of like, that, stuff. I just, like, you know, care about how cute my nails looooooook! *tongue pop* *hair flick* *emoji emoji emoji*

Girl, please.


I don’t know the copywriter at Sally’s. I don’t know who the agency is, and I don’t know the client. I’ve never worked with them. But somewhere in their brand book, their brand tone of voice is all laid out.

Somewhere in there it says that their voice is fun, and flirty, and excited– and not worried by the weight of knowing big science’y words.

When in reality it makes no difference because these things are not mutually exclusive.

In fact having said intelligence allows me to find a way to bridge the two together:
They could have said “Psst: 7free means it’s made without really nasty chemicals that are bad for you, your nails, and the environment”.

Still fun, still playful, and informative over condescending. Isn’t Sally’s the “beauty authority”? Can’t they play that role with dignity?

But no, let’s just demean an entire gender because knowing things is so confusing.

Am I nitpicking? Sure. Is this the only case? Hell. NO.

I’m going to go work out.


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