Staying True to Who’s Important (That’s You)

When things are so intrinsically linked to who you are, it can be difficult to find the words to describe them. I mean this is just who I am, I think– how does it not resonate with everyone else?

Well it’s because I am not like everyone else, and this week has been a glowing example of how beautiful that realization can actually be.

This week I really solidified myself with the mantra of unlimited possibilities. Maybe it looks kooky, and maybe it is, but just the switch of the perception of being afraid of the future vs. embracing the vast unknown of it all can be quite the internal shift. 

First off, (okay maybe like 1.5 off) I dedicate this post & thoughts to my friend & client  who really inspired this train of thought in me this morning.

She and I have been working together on the creation of her new business venture, treats for horses– designed to nourish the relationship between owner + horse. It’s different than most things that come to my table, and I absolutely love the new world she introduces me to every time we speak. 

That being said, when she told me she felt a little down because of some negativity around her circle,  I felt such empathy for her. 

Anyone who knows me knows I have a LOT of experience with naysayers. What can I say, innovation comes at a steep price for popularity, and in every step of my existence, I have been met with people who tell me I cannot do whatever it is I am aiming to achieve. 

I dropped out of high school in part of teachers & guidance counselors who told me I would never amount to anything. While studying anthropology at a state school, I had a painting teacher who told me I could never get into art school. While GOING to Ringing school of Art + Design, the head of the design department told me I was wasting my time trying to become a graphic designer. And do not even get me started on what it was like working for a sub-par advertising agency in the big apple.  

There are times when you know more about yourself than you could ever communicate outwardly, to those who will never understand you, for whatever reason.  I’ve found that my inner resolve, and my passion has lead me through all of the twists and turns I’ve had to go through to get where I am today. 

I absolutely amounted to something, and still do to this day! And I have the student loan bills to prove I very much went to art school. I may have had to foot my own bill to do it, but I did it. 

If you truly love what you’re nurturing, then do not let those who would try to rain on your parade succeed. It’s them or you, and honestly– who would you rather win? It’s insane how difficult it is to challenge the status quo, even if it’s as simple as changing someone’s opinion of your capabilities, but it’s always possible. The amount of work,  determination and funds needed to make it possible– that’s a different story, but possible none the less. 

If I could share one thing with the people that have shared so much of themselves with me; through their dreams, their businesses, hopes & families, it’s this: 

Few people will ever be able to understand and therefore fully back up, any new entity that crosses their path– UNTIL it is in its finished and completed form.

Whether it’s because of their own insecurities & fears, they claim their “just looking out for you”/”for your best interest”, whatever reason they give you–– it’s all inconsequential. You are doing this for you, for your own reasons and your own goals. Stay with this, no matter what, and how could you possibly go wrong? 

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