Pom Poms + Branding!

Today I present to you with a riddle! 
Why are these Pom poms I’m showing you related to branding? 

The answer? Why wouldn’t they be?

When you navigate between the whimsical and the practical? 

When you live your life as colorfully as magically possible? 

When you could break out into a craft at ANY MOMENT? 

But also, they work super well for cat toy deflection tools.

All those qualities (and more!) are my brand.

In all honesty, pom poms can be in my branding because it’s an opportunity to show more sides of me. It supports how I support my clients- recognizing the mundane innocuous things that makes us US, and finding ways to pivot those into branding opportunities. Even things like pom poms. 

What things make you so happy to be you— and yet you still overlook them in your branding? 

What if you brought them along for the ride? Just to see. Wouldn’t hurt anyone, but it’ll make you happier, more authentically joyful to be you— which would attract so many more people.

Just sayin.

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