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Updates like WHOA!

IMG_7326Here we go, another obligatory “what the hell have you been DOING all this time, Jenny?” post.


I write this from my new office; the 2nd bedroom in an amazing fourth floor apartment housed in a beautiful luxury building (that is really a damn resort) in the most convenient location ever: downtown Sarasota. Every Saturday, we get breakfast. The business lounge makes my meetings so much more enjoyable. We’ve been living here a month, and it is as perfect as I needed it to be.

Guess what the image is of? My perfect gorgeous view.
Even those Norfolk Island Pines are saying, “Peace be with you, Jenny”. And also with you, beautiful trees. Also with you.

Yesterday I taught my class at Ringling College of Art and Design (and if that name sounds familiar, it’s because I graduated from that college in 2007!). I’ll be teaching again in the Spring semester AND next Fall (already! I know!).

I truly love teaching. As if writing about design AND mentoring others didn’t show me, teaching beautiful bauble babies of creativity surely has. I’m about to embark on a digital course: teaching others how to design and craft a Squarespace site. I’m walking people through my thought AND design process, taking them through brand archetypes (and how to blend them), brand voice and copywriting, visuals (duh!), and how to put it all together. And maybe the best part? It’s 1/4th the cost of what I charge people to do it for them. Sign ups close on Friday, make sure to check it out!

Kubrick? Oh let’s talk about Kubrick! The Kubrick Project is embarking onto the DEVELOPMENT STAGE.


That means the DataBeast? COMPLETED!

The UX prototype?? MADE IT HAPPEN!!

Web designs? CREATED.



Yep, caps. Because, EXCITEMENT!

Purée Fantastico still thriving right along! Projects have been getting bigger, meatier, and strategically driven (which makes me a very joyous songbird indeed). I’m booking up, so if you’re interested in talking about design, illustration, copywriting, strategic brainification, consulting, or OTHER before the onslaught of greatness that will assuredly be 2019, get on it!

I designed a fun graphic to help keep empathy in the forefront of the designer’s mind, snag it here!

Shopify store, Purée Craftastico, in the works!

And a new domain,, has been purchased.

Things are ready to burst over here, and all I’m saying is, you’re not ready.

But at least I’m back on the blog (and in your inbox soon enough)

🙂 Onward!

How Do You Blog About A Spreadsheet?


No, seriously. How do you blog about a spreadsheet?

The charting part of this process took me a full 2.5 years to complete. The beginning stages (the first 5 months) were slow to build, as learning curves always are, but by June 2012 I was on fire.

The charts made (make?) no sense to people really, but they are visual so it’s easy to at least look at, easy to see that there’s a lot going on, that I’m at least doing something with them, and that’s enough for most. It was also enough for me to post my process as public accountability; no matter how slow I’m going, I thought– I’m going, and people see that I’m going, and hooray for that.

However, the charts were merely a step 1 of “Information Dissection Of The Most Intense Kind”

And here we are, step 2, and the next stage of the project: The Excel Spreadsheet Stage.

I feel like I whine about this stage every time I work on it. It makes my brain hurt, managing 30 minutes is an Olympic feat of tenacity and endurance. Managing an hour is me propelling 60 minutes further into my “Desire To Be A Superhuman” life goal that I’m ridiculously certain I am achieving with Spreadsheet town. Or at the very least, WILL achieve when I can share a “GUESS WHAT HAS FINALLY LAUNCHED, HUMANITY?????” hit “send”, and slip into a nice relaxing lull of celebratory cocktails and big luxurious dinners.

These are the things that propel me forward.