Settling into the habit of writing everyday

IMG_3535It’s been almost a year since I blogged last. While I could feel shame or guilt or .. embarrassment about it, I have no room for it because this past year has been incredible.

I’ve hired employees (an assistant/project manager and junior designer to be exact!), broke all of my own records of business-y greatness, made 3x the amount of income than I did for the last 2 years, moved to another stage in The Kubrick Project, created one of my most favorite things of all time: the PF rebrand, adopted a kitten, actually took MULTIPLE VACATIONS, and the list goes on.

All of that is to say that the blogging slumber is over.

I hired the most amazing coach last month— she’s helping me define who I am as a cultural agent (orgasmic term, guys. orgasmically delicious), and one of the things that’s necessary there is.. a daily writing practice.

Which felt overwhelming when she mentioned it but since I’ve really pressed myself to do it- it’s not as bad as one would assume.

It really is getting into the habit of writing every day.

It really IS sitting down opening up your notebook, or your text edit document, or notes app on your phone and just grabbing that ephemeral muse fluff of the idea and just letting loose.

It really is.

*the image I’m using is my own accountability: showing just how bad I am with updating my calendar. This was a month ago, and the last time it changed was back in mid-June!